Home & School

Who We Are

The Home and School (PTA) at Tokanui School is about bringing the home and school together.  As with any Home and School we organise fundraising to support our children by raising money for the things at school the Ministry of Education doesn’t fund school for.  Our current decile 10 rating means that we do not receive as much funding from the Government as other schools.

Fundraising activities include:  Quiz (this runs for 10 weeks in the winter months mid-May to end-July) Disco that involves the whole school (mid to late August) Washing of Senior rugby jerseys (on a roster, usually only once for the year) Apples, Catering (we have catered for funerals in the past which has involved a food donation from families) Fundraising for Year 7 & 8 Camp (only involves parents of year 6/7/8 children) (sausage sizzles [approx. monthly], rugby meal catering)

Meetings: The Home and School have a meeting each term, usually around the second week.  These meetings are informative including a report from the Principal and are a great chance to keep up to date on what’s happening at School.

Home and School Contacts: If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact either one of us below
President:  Stacey Robinson 027 2469 695
Secretary: Glenda Watson 021 299 6335
​Treasurer: Kylie Manson 027 323 7270  ​