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We are a Year One to Eight primary school located in the Catlins, in rural Southland on the Southern Scenic Route, 65km from Invercargill. Tokanui School is set in beautiful grounds with a rural backdrop.


We pride ourselves on looking after the environment around us and learning about it through our involvement in Enviroschools following the principles of: Empowering students, Learning for Sustainability, Māori perspective, Respect for the Diversity of people and cultures and Sustainable Communities.


-Kate Stevenson – Principal

Our Values

Excellence, Respect, Integrity, Community

The Acronym is E.R.I.C. which is the name for the dolphin in our school logo:


Home, Tokanui School

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Home, Tokanui School

Ourselves, our environment, and our community


Home, Tokanui School



Home, Tokanui School

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